Graphic display specialist Leach has made its first foray into online retailing, with the release of its new ‘social distancing’ product line – available to order from today.

Making sure to follow Government guidelines, Leach has pledged to support those organisations which remain open currently and require essential Coronavirus-related graphics, as well as retail, hospitality and leisure brands which will be looking to install such signage when outlets begin to re-open.

Since the onset of the UK’s COVID-19 pandemic, the Yorkshire-headquartered company has already seen a surge in demand for informative window, floor, and wall graphics. And, with over 10,000 square metres of social distancing graphics having been ordered in the past month alone, the firm is now printing hundreds of stock visuals which can be purchased through a dedicated virtual shop.

Given that a large proportion of Leach’s museum, exhibition and leisure sector customers are postponing significant orders, the branding specialist has pivoted its usual business approach with the launch of its e-commerce arm and social distancing range.
James Lavin, managing director at Leach explained: “If you do venture out to buy essentials, no matter where you’re headed – be it a local shop, supermarket or pharmacy – most will have a poster on the wall or markings on the floor reminding you to keep your distance.


“And, when the world eventually manages to emerge from this pandemic, our lives – and the way in which we socialise – will inevitably change, not least in the short term. As such, these infographics will become an integral part of our lives, in the same way that ‘no smoking’ or wayfinding signs have.

“Although some firms need these graphics now, I have no doubt that museums, restaurants, retailers and the exhibition sector will recover – and will each want to make sure that they have all the necessary signage, communications and branding in place when that time comes. And, the procurement of such collateral needs to be simple, and hassle-free.”