Local couple Steve and Anita White, who met amidst the hustle and bustle of the retail environment, are now set to revolutionise education in Gravesend with their latest venture, Tutor Doctor. The ambitious duo are not just opening doors to learning; they’re also creating valuable job opportunities in the community. With their combined business experience and a shared passion for accessible education, they’re poised to turn Tutor Doctor into a cornerstone of academic support and growth for children across northwest Kent.

Born and bred in Gravesend, Steve and Anita met when they were both working for one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. Since then, their career paths have gone in very different directions, with Anita who started a new vocation in teaching and Steve into senior management. They have since raised two children together and have seen from both sides how the education sector is struggling to provide personalised, tailored education for students in the area. It was this which inspired them to launch their own tutoring business, bringing their combined years of experience together to create educational links with local schools, councils and students across the region.

“As both a teacher and a parent, I’ve seen first-hand how much our education system is struggling,” said Anita. “I’ve always been passionate about helping children, so I found it very frustrating not being able to effect change in the system as a teacher for over a decade. Our son also went through his GCSEs during Covid, which presented its own challenges, so we decided to hire a tutor to support him. It took us at least three or four tutors to find the right one and to feel confident that they both understood and could relate to our son so they could get the most out of him.”

Dedicated to seeing children excel and receive the equal, personalised attention they need, Steve and Anita will provide at-home, in-school and online tutoring to the Gravesend community and the surrounding areas. With a view to develop and build a trusted reputation, they will employ a network of exceptional local tutors to ensure every child has access to the best education possible.


Steve, who is responsible for the finance and operations role in the business, added: “Where we live is constantly changing and growing. There are plans to build schools for the new housing developments in the near future, and we want to ensure we can play a part in these institutions by providing local children with the highest possible standard of education no matter their background.

“I’m a huge football fan and still play when I can, so I’d love to be able to work with local sports groups and sponsor our town’s football team! I’m all about creating partnerships that enrich children’s lives and help our community as a whole. Anita will be reaching out and learning about the children initially, taking charge of community outreach and discovery, and from there onwards we will hopefully build on the genuine connections we make. We will bring a real personal element to the education sector from a parent’s perspective, and we can’t wait to make a real difference to education in our area.”

With plans to expand into Seven Oaks, Tunbridge Wells and beyond, Steve and Anita are committed to building an accessible, inclusive business for any and all students. While Tutor Doctor’s offices are based in Ebbsfleet, the business serves all of Gravesend, including Northfleet, Meopham, Swanscombe and the surrounding areas.