According to a recent Gallup report, only 15% of employees are engaged in their jobs, therefore a staggering 85% are either not engaged or actively disengaged. This is a clear indication we need to revolutionize our approach to employee empowerment. Enter Jeremy Blain and Unleash the Inner CEO. By actively cultivating personalized career pathways with clear responsibility and ownership, engagement increases as their role is tailored to how their individual goals, career trajectory and skills contribute to the wider company purpose.

Passionately committed to unleashing leaders organization-wide, Unleash the Inner CEO transcends traditional individual empowerment strategies. Unleashing the inner CEO embraces the unique potential within each individual at any level to innovate, generate ideas and lead a plan into action, going beyond the boundaries of their “role”, but without having to stop and ask for permission. When leaders embed distributed leadership at the heart of their culture, proactively nurturing each individual, they unlock the power of the many, not the few; a key competitive advantage.

A seasoned leadership and L&D consultant, coach and speaker with more than 25 years of experience leading and working with organizations across four continents, Jeremy brings the concept of the inner CEO alive with vibrant case studies, models, and practical guidance. A full-circle approach, Jeremy delves into how to identify in-role CEOs, work with them to carve career trajectories, empower them to share their voice, measure employee empowerment and what to do when distributed leadership goes wrong.

A culture change is required to harness the power of in-role CEOs. Jeremy offers innovative strategies and guidance to navigate both the practical elements and leadership mindset changes. With applicable insights for individuals at all levels, from executives and aspiring leaders to HR professionals and line managers, Jeremy demonstrates how creating an organizational culture of experimentation, boldness and trust is key to making distributed leadership a reality.


Building on its globally successful first edition, Unleash the Inner CEO incorporates new insights, unseen interviews and brand-new case studies focused on empowerment, communities and team development including the CEO of Baker Donelson, one of the top law firms in the US, who adds his insights on distributed leadership throughout the book. Including innovative new models such as The Triple Now© and the Five Point Star makes distributed leadership an accessible reality for readers, demonstrating how leadership doesn’t have to just be ‘leading others’ it encapsulates Stepping In, Stepping Out and Stepping Up. Broadening our definition of ‘leadership’ is essential to embracing the power of the collective.

Unleashing the inner CEO across the organization is mission-critical for building organizations able to withstand challenges and embrace opportunities. One leader is not enough. In a world of increasing complexity and booming emerging technologies, providing opportunities for individuals to contribute to and take ownership of strategic organizational and personal growth is essential. Unleash the Inner CEO is the ideal read for leaders seeking practical, proven strategies to embrace the age of global empowerment and build an organization where individuals are fulfilled, aligned and high-performing.