The UK’s only air-dried manufacturer of fruit and vegetable crisps is looking to strengthen its presence in the drinks sector with the official launch of its retail ready infusions range.

Nim’s Fruit Crisps, which was recently named as a Queen’s Award for Innovation winner, is targeting major supermarkets and independent retailers with its exciting products that are ideal for garnishing drinks and infusing water bottles, teas and alcoholic beverages.

It has already sealed an ongoing deal with the Craft Gin Club to develop a specific infusion for its ‘Gin’ of the month sent out to all their subscribers every month, whilst passengers on the Eurostar may have enjoyed air-dried slices of fruit with their drinks.

Now founder Nimisha Raja is actively looking to become the first brand to bring its resealable pouches to retail shelves all over the UK, with pink grapefruit and kumquat varieties joining lemon, lime, orange, cucumber and grapefruit.


“We want to try and replicate the success of our fruit and vegetable crisps by taking infusions into the major supermarkets by investing heavily in new branding, easy to seal packaging and ongoing product development that will bring lots of new infusion pairings to market in the coming months,” explained Nimisha.

“The infusions come in packs of 12 to 20 slices, taste great and are a sustainable way of having orange, lemon, lime and other fruit at the ready. There is no waste that you would usually get when using fresh fruit, our slices rehydrate to their original state once added to the drink and are ideal for people who have got their own home bar or are attempting to make new creations whilst under lockdown.”

She continued: “Having our products featured in the Craft Gin Club is great exposure for our brand and keeps us on our toes with new product development projects and interesting fruit slices we are continually trying to create to complement their Gin choices.

“It’s a perfect time to be launching this range after we picked up the Queen’s Award for Innovation just a few weeks ago.”

Nim’s is the brainchild of Nimisha Raja, who was becoming increasingly disenchanted by the lack of healthy snacks on offer for parents and toddlers and decided to do something about it.

She sold her coffee shop and house and ploughed all of the money into launching the UK’s only air-dried fruit crisp brand, quickly building a state-of-the-art Grade A BRC-rated factory that can produce 12 million packs every year.

Her products, which are one of your five-a-day, nut/gluten free and certified vegan and Kosher, are now sold across more than 20 different countries, including Belgium, France and Ukraine.

Nimisha concluded: “At £3.95, the resealable pouch format for Nim’s infusions make them a really convenient and sustainable purchase for the consumer, whilst also offering retailers a point of difference with a great impulse buy.

“More packaging options are being developed and our R&D team are already in the planning stages to add further varieties of infusions for both alcoholic and soft drinks.

“Despite all of the pressures we are facing, we will continue to innovate and bring new products to market. It’s what we do best.”