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Order management refers to the process of capturing, tracking and fulfilling customer orders. It is a pivotal part of retail as it plays one of the most critical roles in ensuring operational efficiency and shaping customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, traditional order management often comes with various challenges that can significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the business operations.

For starters, manual order management leads to inefficiencies in order processing. The order management team lacks real-time visibility into inventory, which makes it challenging to determine the availability of items required to process the order to the next stage. Luckily, order management systems offer a wide range of features, such as centralised order processing and real-time inventory management, designed to enhance a retailer’s ability to manage orders significantly.

Benefits of Advanced Order Management

Promotes Unified Stock Management

One of the benefits of using an advanced order management system is that it enables retailers to unify their stock management. Many businesses struggle for consistency in inventory data when managing orders manually because they lack real-time information on what is available and what is not. An advanced OMS will address this issue by providing centralised inventory control that ensures data from multiple sales channels is accessible on a single platform.

Through the system, retailers will have real-time visibility into their stock levels, minimising the risks of stockouts or overselling. A centralised platform also eliminates discrepancies, allowing the management to make better decisions regarding order fulfilment and restocking. That is especially crucial for businesses with multiple sales channels, such as walk-in and online stores, because it allows for coordinated stock updates that ensure smooth retail operation.


Improves Delivery on Promises

Besides unifying stock management, utilising an advanced order management system enables the business to deliver on customers’ promises. It makes this possible in various ways, including ensuring accurate order processing, providing real-time order tracking and enhancing shipping visibility.

Setting realistic delivery promises is crucial to overall customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, a traditional approach to order management makes it relatively challenging to assure your customers when they will receive their orders because of the challenges with inventory management and order tracking.

By providing you with sufficient inventory data, an advanced order management system allows you to set realistic delivery promises to your clients. It also facilitates real-time order tracking, which enables the customer to monitor the status of their shipment. That promotes transparency and boosts customer satisfaction.

Streamlines Order Processing

Through the benefits mentioned above, an advanced order management system streamlines order processing and, consequently, enhances overall retail operation. The system automates various routine tasks, such as data entry, order validation and invoice generation, which minimises the likelihood of errors and hastens the purchase process.

Besides automating repetitive tasks, these order management systems create a centralised order processing platform. That streamlines order processing by minimising duplications, ensuring consistency and efficiency in order management. It also facilitates consolidation of orders, especially from the same customer, which not only reduces the shipping costs but also improves the retailer’s ability to fulfil their delivery promises.

Why You Should Invest in an OMS

Manual order management can be a relatively challenging process for retailers due to difficulty with order tracking and a lack of real-time visibility into the inventory. Advanced order management systems fix these issues by promoting unified stock management, streamlining order processing and improving overall customer satisfaction. Investing in an OMS will enable you to adapt to market dynamics, minimise operational costs and provide your customers with a consistently positive purchase experience.