Photo by Ryoji Iwata

Internationally recognised private investigator (PI) Alison Marsh is launching a series of personal safety workshops for women, entitled #staysafesistas.

Developed to raise greater awareness of winter safety but without the worry, Ali will be bringing her ten years of experience directly to people’s screens at their own convenience.

Personal safety has always been central to Alison’s work, and before becoming a qualified PI Alison was mugged at knifepoint.

She comments: “The incident on the street with my attacker made me even more interested in crime, psychology and what makes people tick so I decided to follow my passion, even though it has its dangers.”

She now wants to use her lived experience to help others keep themselves safe. She adds: “Whether it’s dog walkers out alone, people walking to and from work, joggers or even young people in a new city, the workshops will equip people to be as best prepared as possible when out alone.

“Young people may be especially vulnerable as they are the ones who are still socialising.

“Also, I predict that there will continue to be dog-napping incidents. Pedigree puppies cost many thousands of pounds and there are long waiting lists for the most popular breeds.

“Dog napping has become ­really prevalent in lockdown since the demand for puppies has become so high, so I’ve started investigating that recently too and I’ve tracked down a few missing pets.”

While dogs are snatched from homes and gardens they are also snatched when out with their owners and professional dog walkers.

In the UK crime has actually fallen during the last year but Alison has witnessed a rise in drug-related and anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases. Sadly, there have been many cases where perfect strangers have been hurt when trying to help.

Alison says “People who are drunk or on drugs can behave erratically so remain calm and non-aggressive. Situations can get out of hand very quickly so it is safest to remove yourself from these situations as quickly as you can.”

Alison’s personal safety workshops will provide practical tips and advice on staying safe for young people, dog walkers or anyone who is looking forward to going out again.

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