Pharma Nord, which manufactures and supplies pharmaceutical quality dietary supplements, is coping with a sharp rise in demand and enquiries.

Bent Henriksen, managing director of Northumberland based Pharma Nord UK, said: “Our team has been working exceptionally hard to ensure that supplies of our products get to where they are needed, whether that is to hospitals, healthcare professionals and pharmacies, health food stores or to consumers at home.

“Perhaps unsurprisingly, demand has been highest for products which work to help support people’s immune systems such as Bio-Vitamin D3, Bio-Selenium+Zinc, Omega 7 SBA24, Bio-C Vitamin C, Bio-Glucan Plus and InfluZinc alongside combination products such as Bio-Multi Vitamin & Mineral.

“We know from talking to pharmacies that they are dealing with a huge wave of enquiries about these kind of products and our telephone support and technical support teams have been kept extremely busy answering questions from concerned customers.


“We can see that it is tough out there for a lot of people so we are trying to do our best to play our part in helping people through this.”