In a six-week online programme, starting on 26th October 2021, Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore of the One Moment Company, will help leaders rethink time – the foundation of everything we do. Leaders worldwide will be shown how to design best practice for the new world of hybrid working.

The past 18 months have made many people evaluate their priorities, values, and work/life balance. A recent poll of UK workers, conducted by EY as part of its 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey, found that 9 out of 10 employees want flexibility in where and when they work. The pandemic has paved the way for new ways of working, so it’s now up to leaders to meet this new demand for flexibility and conscious control of time.

The New Rules of Time, hosted by Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore, directors of the One Moment Company, gives senior leaders disruptive insights into the nature of working time, helps them get beyond the outdated myth of time management, and start designing the new, healthier time cultures for their people.   The programme, which teaches new techniques and provides group coaching, will help leaders:

  • Get a grip on their schedule
  • Find time for what really matters
  • Better manage stress and ‘time anxiety’
  • Discern what they really want from this time
  • Jettison the outdated beliefs  about time that hold them back
  • Empower their people to work in a healthier, more sustainable way
  • Create the ‘time culture’ that supports business goals, including innovation

Martin Boroson is an executive coach, Yale MBA, former psychotherapist and author of ‘One Moment Meditation’. Carmel Moore  is a  former EY Tax Partner, FTSE 100/Fortune 500 Tax Director and successful Organisational Development Consultant. Together, they help leaders break through the time barrier and understand the new rules of time.

“Time management is out of date. For businesses to thrive in the current climate they need to think about time in a more empowered way. TimeFraming®–being precise about the intention for the time we are in–one of the most powerful techniques we teach–to maximise productivity, engagement, and satisfaction in the workplace”, explains Carmel.

“Internal shifts need to be made for external shifts to happen and to work. Throughout the six weeks, a space will be created where leaders will be able to design the precise personal practices that will work for them, based on who they really are. These insights can then be applied at work, home, with teams and with organisations.

It’s now time to design, individually and together, the new rules of time. The businesses that adopt this and get it right will have a competitive advantage, as well as a happy, loyal and productive workforce, which is another competitive advantage” says Carmel.

The popular programme has proven beneficial to many leaders, including Blanca Juti, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Heineken:

“In the midst of Covid-19, as the boundaries of life and work got blurry and I started to ponder on a life transition, a friend called to propose I attend a course, The New Rules of Time by Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore. I agreed partly out of loyalty to my friend. Little did I know how valuable those weekly meetings would be. Now, more than ever, it’s time to give time new meaning. It is a critical component of how we relate to others,” said Blanca.

The New Rules of Time, which is co-sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership, is designed to provide transformational change that sticks. Learnings can be applied immediately and alumni say that their learning continues to expand in the days, months and years after.

Booking for the online programme is now open.