Sarah Jackson, director at Cygnet Law

Cygnet Family Law in Redcar is urging vulnerable people in the region to remain connected with local services throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

The firm is backing a North East-wide initiative to help people with learning difficulties and autism to keep in contact with health and social care professionals throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

The Keeping People Connected service, which is funded by the local Clinical Commissioning Group, aims to help people by remaining connected with them and ensuring they have all the help and advice they need.

People using the service will receive regular calls from specialist staff to access and support them with understanding, practical issues, and signposting where additional help is needed.


Cygnet Family Law has a designated mental health department and works with a number of people who live with autism and/or learning difficulties. It will be ensuring that any clients who need access to the service will be able to make contact.

Sarah Jackson, a director at Cygnet Law, said: “We support several clients who would benefit from accessing the Keeping People Connected service, and we have already started to contact them to advise how to get in touch.

“This is a scary time for all of us but is all the worse for our most vulnerable people. There are some who may not fully understand why we have to social distance and might be finding the lockdown very lonely and upsetting.

“We want to help as much as we can and directing them towards this excellent service is a great start.”

Keeping People Connected can be contacted by phone on 01642 039000 or by email on [email protected].