Rejuve.AI, creators of a personalised AI-powered healthcare app which crowdsources health and lifestyle data to provide fair access to anti-ageing treatment, is welcoming its latest partnership with NOWPayments, a crypto payment gateway. The partnership is the first of its kind to bring cryptocurrency to areas in the longevity industry such as supplements and skincare, opening up a new industry and use case for the technology.

The partnership will allow Rejuve’s app, Longevity, to introduce cryptocurrency as a seamless and secure payment option for its partners, marking a milestone in a significant year for the business. Rejuve.AI has secured 11 partners and has raised approximately $3.5 million in funding. This latest collaboration reflects Rejuve.AI’s commitment to innovation, progress, and inclusivity in the ever-evolving healthcare technology landscape.

NOWPayments is the premier service for seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency payments across websites, online stores, and social media platforms. Supporting over 50 cryptocurrencies and user-friendly features, its mission is to democratise crypto transactions, enabling effortless acceptance of payments or donations for various businesses.

Through a strategic alliance with NOWPayments, Rejuve’s partners can easily use Rejuve’s token, RJV, for transactions. This integration empowers consumers to establish a user-friendly payment gateway, ensuring optimal utility for the Rejuve token. Importantly, this service is provided at no cost to Rejuve’s partners, aligning with the goal of expanding market reach and attracting a broader user base while boosting sales.


“As a pioneering AI company, we believe in embracing the future of technology and innovation. Cryptocurrency represents more than just a payment option; it’s a gateway to a borderless, decentralised economy,” says Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve.AI. “By accepting crypto, we empower our global community, reduce transaction friction, and position ourselves at the forefront of a financial technology revolution that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to progress, inclusivity and innovation in our ecosystem.”

Says Kate Lifshits, a Partnerships Lead, NOWPayments: “NOWPayments is thrilled to become partners with Rejuve.AI, forging a path into the exciting world of crypto payments within the healthcare and longevity sector. Together, we’re creating a dynamic synergy that empowers businesses and users alike, while driving innovation and accessibility in the crypto landscape. We wholeheartedly share Jasmine Smith’s vision, and we hope that this partnership will not only revolutionize the crypto industry but also contribute to the betterment of global healthcare, echoing Rejuve.AI’s commitment to progress, inclusivity, and growth in their remarkable ecosystem.”