Mont Rouge after reopening in Southsea's Palmerston Road

A much-loved restaurant is reopening its doors after almost two months of closure.

In a heartwarming development, the much-loved restaurant, Mont Rouge has thrown open its doors once again after a nearly two-month hiatus.

The Palmerston Road restaurant, renowned for its French-inspired fine dining, reopened under fresh management in October.

Open from Wednesdays through to Sundays, Mont Rouge is set to offer a ‘different’ dining experience to Southsea with its exquisite French cuisine, offering lunch and dinner services from Wednesday to Sunday


The reinvigorated Mont Rouge will continue to be a haven for wine enthusiasts, boasting a carefully curated selection of hand-picked wines imported straight from the vineyards of France.

The new proprietors, Richard and Debbie Peckham, have taken great care in selecting the perfect wines to complement the restaurant’s menu.

While the reins have changed hands, the essence of Mont Rouge remains intact, preserving the high standards of French-inspired culinary excellence and a celebrated wine list that patrons have adored for years.

Richard and Debbie, who also own the popular Sherlock’s Bar on Clarendon Road, saw this opportunity as the perfect avenue to expand their horizons and bring a cherished dining experience back to the community.

Richard said: ‘Being just around the corner from Mont Rouge at Sherlock’s Bar, we had a lot of customers come in and tell us that it had closed down and how much they would miss it, being a different kind of restaurant to the majority that are in Palmerston Road.

‘Debbie and I had been considering our next move for a while, following Sherlock’s Bar’s success in Southsea, and felt like we wanted to expand our horizons, give ourselves a challenge and run our own restaurant. We realised this would be the perfect opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and give the community a much-missed restaurant back.’

Debbie said: ‘We didn’t want to change anything, as it worked so well and was successful before it closed, however we have made some minor improvements to the menu and ensured that the wines are top quality. It’s an exciting venture for Richard and I and we’re so excited to be running it together.’

Mont Rouge had seen a brief change in ownership just over a year ago, building upon a positive reputation before the previous owner stepped aside to focus on family.

Fortunately, the spirit and flavours that made Mont Rouge a beloved culinary destination will remain under Richard and Debbie’s management.

In addition, Sherlock’s Bar will continue its regular operations, with Richard and Debbie overseeing its running. The Southsea community can now celebrate the reopening of Mont Rouge, a culinary treasure, with its cherished traditions and the promise of new culinary delights in the heart of Palmerston Road.