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News stories that we love:

  • We love professionally written business to business & business to consumer news and press releases
  • A big yes to news and articles about business innovations, events, product launches, appointments, retail, lifestyle, reviews and local expert insights; relating to the regions that we cover

News that we don’t like:

  • Sorry, we cannot publish news relating to charity campaigns, not for profits or community groups without prior agreement
  • We cannot publish Top 10 Tips… Top 10 Types… 5 Ways You Can… Or other list style articles
  • We won’t publish marketing advertorial or direct promotions without prior agreement
    We cannot publish news or articles that promote or are associated smoking, vaping or gambling
  • We don’t like generic business articles that are low on substance

Is your news guaranteed to be published?

  • We publish over 95% of the news stories that are submitted to us
  • On the rare occasions, when don’t feel that a news story meets our editorial standard, we may reject news without explanation
  • If you share a story with us and we don’t publish it, don’t worry, we don’t collect any fees until after your news story has been shared on Business Mondays