Peperami BBQ Lunchbox Minis

Adding to its iconic range of snacks, Peperami introduces new flavour to meet growing category demand.

The UK’s leading meat snacking brand, Peperami, has developed a new BBQ flavour of its core lunchbox minis range. This comes as fans revealed BBQ as their top flavour choice in a social media poll.

Cheese and Onion, Smoky Bacon and Tomato Ketchup were among the flavours that didn’t quite make the cut – with BBQ soaring ahead of its competition.

The new BBQ flavour will appeal to a wider audience and increase its sales in the meat snack category.


The BBQ Lunchbox Minis are ideal for both adults and children looking for an irresistible, tasty snack to ‘pep you up’. Made with 100% pork and a delectable mix of smoky spices, they are packed with protein and just 50 calories per stick.

The new BBQ variety is the essential snack for lunchboxes and for those looking for a convenient and tasty option for on-the-go consumption.

New BBQ Lunchbox Minis come in packs of 10 (RRP: £2.75) and will be available in supermarkets nationwide from early November. The new BBQ flavour can be found in the chilled section alongside Original Lunchbox Minis.