L-R Chelsea Shaw, Steve Lyons of UKSE, Gemma Keyworth

GK Executive Talent Ltd aims to create a neurodiverse and inclusive workforce

A South Yorkshire entrepreneur seeks to revolutionise ‘backwards’ recruitment sector after receiving funding from the UKSE Kickstarter grant.

Established in February 2023 by Gemma Keyworth, GK Executive Talent Ltd is an international recruitment company that partners candidates with commercial, technical, and clinical clients while maintaining inclusive core values.

The business has already seen exceptional growth with the move into permanent office space at Moorgate Crofts Business Centre, the hire of a Director of Operations, and the opportunity for two new account managers to join the team.


GK Executive Talent focusses on creating an accessible and flexible work environment for all, she hopes her business will one day be recognised as one of the top places to work in the North.

Following her diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Gemma realised that most work environments did not cater to neurodiverse employees and took the leap to start up her own, inclusive agency.

While working as a recruitment consultant for 4 years, Gemma secured and built strong relationships with international clients across the Aesthetics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Dental sectors.

After receiving a kickstart grant from UKSE – a local investment company that provides finance of up to £1.5m to growing companies and support for start-ups – Gemma was able to purchase a new laptop and a recruiting license.

Looking to the future, Gemma is looking to recruit 10 more recruiters in 2024, and to therefore expand her office space within the business centre.

Commenting on the venture, Gemma said: “Normal recruitment roles can be rigid, and I left feeling demotivated, anxious, and disengaged from my passion which is people”

“I am so incredibly proud of how far we have come in less than a year, I truly believe the perks and work life balance at GK Executive Talent has been the compounding reason for our success so far.

“I want to focus on creating an inclusive environment and allow employees to have autonomy, running their desks like it’s their own business.”

Steve Lyon, Area Manager at UKSE, commented: “Gemma’s success is truly commendable, her innovative approach to recruitment and commitment to fostering an inclusive and empowering workplace should be an inspiration to all.

“We look forward to seeing Gemma’s ongoing success and the positive impact her business will undoubtedly have on the industry.”

UKSE also provides loan and equity finance of up to £1.5m to existing companies which are growing, particularly those creating jobs.