Kristi with her students

International children’s services franchise, Stagecoach Performing Arts, is celebrating after Kristi Wenaus secures the position of Master Franchisee for Canada. As a testament to the brand’s commitment to consistency and quality of service delivery, it was only fitting that ‘one of their own’ would step into the role – with Kristi having owned her successful multi-unit Stagecoach franchise for more than five years.

“When I launched my franchise in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in summer 2019, Stagecoach was a relatively unknown name in my area – we opened with one school and 25 students. Now, as I approach my fifth anniversary we enrich the lives of over 500 students each week and I’m thrilled to be steping into my new role as Master Franchisor for the whole of Canada. I’m a proud advocate of everything Stagecoach stands for – equipping children with both quality performing arts skills but also the confidence to excel in life. The demand for this service in Canada continues to grow, and I’m excited to contribute to the nationwide expansion of Stagecoach,” said Kristi.

As a successful entrepreneur, Kristi is more than familiar with the formalities and processes involved with business ownership. Her varied career includes almost a decade with Princess Cruise Lines as well as leadership roles in International Business Development for brands like Hilton and Marriott. Her mosts recent work, as a small business leadership coach, aligns perfectly with the work that she is doing now, coaching the Canadian network of franchisees on how to grow their businesses.

“My skillset is beneficial to my career with Stagecoach because I know what it takes to build brand awareness and increase market appeal to a mass audience. I also have experience working for myself, having successfully grown various small enterprises with my husband, Chris. I was looking for my next business opportunity when I came across Stagecoach Performing Arts. I grew up in the theatre and credit my arts education as a child as part of the reason why I am the confident woman I am today, so naturally a business opportunity that combined my two passions really appealed to me.”


Having invested in her initial franchise just eight months before the Covid pandemic, Kristi continued to build her student numbers and, therefore, school numbers. By her third year she had launched her fifth school in her second territory, further solidifying her position as a valued and established member of the international network of 300 franchisees around the globe.

“The performing arts industry is attracting a growing number of children across Canada, driving up the demand for our services at Stagecoach. We continue to make a difference in childrens’ lives by proving quality education and a safe place to express yourself to those not necessarily interested in extra-curricular activities that are so often offered in Canada, such as sports. As demand continues to grow, I’m proud to be at the forefront, driving Stagecoach forwards,” added Kristi.

For Andy Knights, CEO of Stagecoach Performing Arts, Kristi is more than just a valuable asset to the Stagecoach network.

“Kristi personifies what it means to be a role model,” explained Andy. “Not only does she understand the value of equipping young people with the confidence to perform, both on and off the stage, but she is a proud advocate of the quality business investment model that we offer. I’m thrilled that she is taking this exciting step in her future with Stagecoach, and I can’t wait to see where she takes the Canadian network in the future.”