Survey Shows Increase of CNC Users Making a Profit Through UK Lockdown

3DTEK surveyed their customers to gain an insight into the growing CNC hobby market

Renowned CNC equipment business 3DTEK recently surveyed their customers to gain an insight into the growing CNC hobby market which saw big growth during lockdown. The survey correlates this growth, showing that 70.7% of those surveyed had been enjoying CNC milling as a hobby for less than a year, and 67.5% said they discovered CNC milling when actively searching for a new hobby.

These statistics are supported by growth in other hobby sectors, identified in an article published by The Guardian in August 2020 which reported that Hobbycraft saw 200% growth during the early parts of the first lockdown.

One of the most surprising results from the survey conducted by 3DTEK shows the entrepreneurial flair of CNC hobbyists, with 61% claiming to make a profit from their creations. The most popular of which, according to the survey includes ornaments (31%), tools (15.8%), and instruments (13.2%).

Continuing the entrepreneurial theme, the survey tells us that 39% of the projects that participants work on were professional commissions, mostly using oak (57.7%) and birch wood (25%).

Statistics from a survey commissioned by GoDaddy last year, show that one in five workers used their time at home through lockdown to start up news businesses as furlough and employment fears drove many to start a new side hustle.

Finally, when asked about future plans, 39% said they’d look to upgrade their kit and 43.9% said they’d be happy to continue with their current setup.