Following a €4m fundraise, European tech challenger Virtway is officially launching in the UK today, with a platform that creates 3D worlds that allow interaction and voice communication in real time through avatars. Virtway has received a 575% month-on-month increase in demand from companies across Europe looking for personal and entertaining solutions to organise their online meetings and events.

While video conferencing platforms such as Zoom have seen user numbers and share prices rising dramatically, businesses and organisations are now looking for solutions that go beyond meetings and even work.

Immersive events like live concerts, graduation ceremonies or virtual escape rooms used for employees to disconnect, are some of the many possibilities that Virtway makes available to companies around the world through its platform. Hundreds of people can participate simultaneously in the same room and thousands can be present in the same digital environment. All the activities are accessible through any device, mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, etc.

José Antonio Tejedor, CEO and founder of Virtway, commented: “Virtual reality technology is constantly evolving. While we previously thought of it as a tool for entertainment, people are looking for more intense, life-like experiences and interactions. We’re seeing huge opportunities to utilise Virtway in places such as events, meetings and concerts. ”


Virtway is already being used by businesses such as AstraZeneca and Accenture as well as universities and institutions across Europe.

As well as providing a solution to the disruption caused by coronavirus, there is also a growing demand for this type of event from organisations looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional events and conferences. By using Virtway, the carbon footprint caused by travelling is eliminated. Virtway offers a unique, easy, and engaging communication experience from anywhere in the world and with any device – with and without VR glasses.