Photo by Mike Bird:

RC Executive is proud to announce its launch in Northern Ireland, bringing luxury transfer services to Northern Ireland. The visionary behind this venture is 16-year-old CEO, Rhys Coburn, who is determined to provide comfort and ease for passengers travelling to and from airports such as Belfast City, Belfast International, and Dublin Airport, as well as offering hotel transfers and tours.

With a young and dynamic team of 5 drivers and the leadership of Rhys Coburn himself, RC Executive is set to revolutionize the transportation industry in Northern Ireland. Despite his age, Coburn’s commitment to delivering quality service led him to establish RC Executive.

RC Executive aims to differentiate itself in the Northern Ireland market by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Coburn understands the importance of providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for passengers, and this will be the foundation of the company’s success. By focusing on comfort, reliability, and personalized service, RC Executive ensures that every journey is a memorable one.

The success of RC Executive is not only based on Coburn’s determination but also on the valuable feedback received from clients. By actively seeking client feedback and conducting surveys, RC Executive continually improves its services to meet and exceed customer expectations. This commitment to excellence has been recognized by the local community, who have responded positively to the launch of RC Executive.


Rhys Coburn, CEO of RC Executive, expressed his excitement for the company’s expansion into Northern Ireland: “We are thrilled to bring RC Executive’s distinguished transfer services to the vibrant community of Northern Ireland. Our commitment to luxury, professionalism, and personalized service sets us apart, and we look forward to providing an exceptional travel experience to our clients in Northern Ireland.”

Looking ahead, RC Executive has ambitious goals and milestones in sight. One of their primary objectives is to expand their fleet of vehicles, allowing them to cater to a larger customer base and offer a wider range of services. This expansion will further enhance RC Executive’s ability to provide top-notch transportation solutions throughout Northern Ireland.

RC Executive’s launch in Northern Ireland marks a significant milestone in the career of 16-year-old CEO Rhys Coburn. His determination, vision, and commitment to customer satisfaction have set the foundation for a successful venture. With a focus on luxury transfer services, RC Executive is poised to make a lasting impact in the transportation industry, providing comfort and ease for passengers across the region.