For Cornwall-based business, The Dash Group, adapting to change is part of their DNA.

Originally founded as a wholesale news agency in the South West with history dating back to 1925, the company has evolved to the demands of a fast-changing business landscape.

Once one of over 2,500 independent newspaper wholesalers in the UK, The Dash Group had to diversify due to changes in the traditional news distribution model, accelerated by the shift away from print media to digital.

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the group expanded to offer a range of services across retail and vehicle rental, including Dash Convenience stores,  DWN, Dash Drive and Dash Express.


The largest part of the group – Dash Logistic Services (Dash) – took advantage of the group’s well-formed delivery networks to offer a range of efficient logistics services to businesses across the South West. “We’ve got a long history of time-sensitive distribution that we were able to draw on,” group director Paul Dash explained.

Joining The APC network in 2019, the group’s logistics business has gone from strength to strength. With two depots in Redruth and Plymouth, the group today has a team of around 160 staff and offers a variety of services in addition to its APC Overnight service, including two-person and same-day deliveries.

With the group’s centenary on the not-too-distant horizon, Paul, alongside his brother and Managing Director of Dash, Stephen Dash, shared their secrets to Dash’s success within the logistics sector.

Control, freedom and reciprocity

For Paul and Stephen, having the power to run a full-service operation is what makes Dash a serious player in the logistics world.

Prior to joining The APC network, one of the challenges for Dash was a lack of cohesion and control. “It was very fragmented and the process was unclear at times” Paul explained.

“When considering joining The APC network, I liked the idea that we were more in control – masters of our own destiny. Being a service partner in the industry typically means you are constrained on deliveries, whereas our operation is the whole package. Dash owns the whole process rather than simply being one part of it. Joining The APC has given us total control and the opportunity to build our customer base.”

Another key element of the success of the business is the reciprocal nature of the relationship between Dash and The APC network – something which Paul and Stephen value immensely.

“One significant benefit of being in The APC network is the security,” said Paul. “Because we own our customer base, it’s not a one-sided relationship. The network is nothing without the depots and the depot is nothing without the network. So it’s very much a two-way relationship.”

Expertise and a local personal touch

Having been a part of the business ecosystem in the South West for almost 100 years, building on The Dash Group’s local reputation is of utmost importance to the Dash brothers.

After joining The APC network, the group invested in its logistics sales and account management functions.

The team prioritised giving a personal service in order to maximise the benefits of the long-standing relationships it had built with local businesses, as well as generating new business.

“Our USP always comes back to local customer service. A personal service makes customers realise they are important to us rather than just a number,” Stephen explained. “The benefits for customers is that they’re dealing with a small local business, rather than dealing with a call centre.”

This personal and dedicated approach to customer service is why local businesses have high praise for Dash. One local company that specialises in hampers of Cornish produce has worked with Dash for a number of years, delivering between 150 and 1,000 consignments a day.

Sam Turner, General Manager at The Cornish Hamper Store, explained: “As a multi-channel retailer and wholesaler with a diverse product range – including frozen, perishable foods, liquids and fragile goods – selecting the right parcel carrier to deliver our promise to our customer was no mean feat. 

“Dash offers the flexibility and personal touch that no other carrier can, which has in turn allowed our business to flourish in an extremely challenging environment.”

Looking forward

With two thriving depots and a growing logistics offering, the future looks bright for The Dash Group.

Glowing recommendations from customers like The Cornish Hamper Store are testament that Dash has unlocked a winning formula when it comes to logistics, and looks set to only continue on its upward trajectory.

For Paul, the sky’s the limit. “Being part of The APC network enables us to really step up and scale our services,” he concluded. “As volumes continue to go through the roof, we work hard to ensure we can consistently provide that reliable service local customers depend on – it’s a win-win.”