The team at Heelan Associates in Waterlooville.

An accountancy firm is encouraging more people to consider using the new year to start a new career.

Heelan Associates is hosting its second careers day aimed at inspiring individuals to consider a career in accountancy and bookkeeping.

The Waterlooville firm’s business services director, Dan Heelan, decided to begin hosting these events to dispel the myth that accountancy is a boring profession, suitable only for those who took an academic route early in their career.

He is hoping to highlight the opportunities available to those willing to invest some time in education alongside working full-time at the Waterlooville firm.


With a shortage of skilled accountants in the industry, Heelan Associates is determined to showcase the viability and potential of a career in accounting and bookkeeping and payroll.

Taking place at the Waterlooville office on Saturday, January 20 from 10am until 1pm, the event will target both experienced professionals seeking a career change and young individuals considering their future career paths.

Anyone interested in considering a career in accounting and bookkeeping can come along to the event free of charge.

Many members of the Heelan Associates team have diverse backgrounds, starting their careers in industries such as beauty and retail, proving that individuals from non-traditional paths can excel in the industry.

Dan believes that attracting individuals from other industries is crucial to address this talent gap and bring fresh perspectives to the field.

He said: ‘Traditionally, accountancy has been perceived as a field demanding extensive education and a specific academic background. Our aim is to dispel these misconceptions and demonstrate that individuals, regardless of their previous experience, have the potential to transition into this industry successfully. From the perspective of accountancy, initiating this journey may only require dedicating two evenings a week to college over a few years, allowing individuals to maintain a full-time job.’

Colleagues from Heelan Associates who have both gone down a traditional route and a non-traditional route will be sharing their personal stories and advice on transitioning into the accounting industry on the day.

The accounting industry has experienced significant challenges in recruitment over recent years, from rising salaries to skills shortages.

Dan said: ‘We want to show young people that there are multiple entry points into accountancy and that a successful career can be built upon transferable skills gained from various industries.

‘By nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce, we can create a vibrant and dynamic profession that meets the evolving needs of businesses.’

People wishing to attend the event can find out more on the Heelan Associates website.