A brilliantly unique fantasy piece of art has been preserved for decades, thanks to a Hull-based galvanizing firm.

Last year, SA Fabrications was commissioned to create a bespoke dragon sculpture, designed to stand pride of place during a National Open Gardens event during the summer. Due to being permanently located outside and exposed to the elements, Humber Galvanizing Ltd was called upon to protect it against rust and corrosion.

Steve Albinger, Founder at SA Fabrications, said: “Often I’m approached by customers to make some weird and wonderful items – with this being no exception. It was an absolute pleasure to create the dragon, and we wanted to ensure that this magnificent creature would be protected to the very best of our abilities against weathering or rusting, able to be enjoyed by many at both this Open Gardens event, as well as any planned in the future.”

Fabricated mainly from sheet metal, the dragon stands at almost two metres by two metres, and weighs an incredible 500kg.


“After much planning and preparation, we sent the dragon to our friends at Humber Galvanizing where it was hot-dipped in molten zinc at 450C, which ensures that it will be able to withstand the elements for up to 70 years,” Steve added. “Afterwards, it was powder coated in antique silver to enhance the intricate details of the monster.”

During the galvanizing process, the molten zinc metallurgically bonds to the steel, which provides a unique and sustainable finish that has the greatest resistance to damage, and long-term protection against corrosion.

Tony Linsley, Sales Manager at Humber Galvanizing, added: “Yet again, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Steve at SA Fabrications – this time in future-proofing this incredible sculpture. We’re always very excited to see what he will bring to the plant, and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Seeing the dragon emerge from the galvanizing bath was a true spectacle, and it’s a real joy to know that this now stands proudly in an equally exquisite garden, and will be admired by many for years to come.”

Humber Galvanizing is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest hot-dip galvanizing organisation in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically placed across the country, the firm offers a truly national galvanizing service.