Joshy Jin, Founder of Wowzabox

WowzaBox, the North East-based authentic Chinese recipe box start-up business, has achieved a major milestone at the start of 2024, having produced its 150,000th meal since it launched just over a year ago.

From its 2000 sq ft kitchens in Team Valley, the business, which was founded by Newcastle University graduate Joshy Jin, has achieved a turnover of more than £500,000 through its chef-led no-subscription recipe box service.

WowzaBox has created a menu of authentic Chinese cuisine, many of which are region specific Chinese delicacies that are challenging to find elsewhere in the UK.

Its diverse menu of more than 50 recipes includes dishes such as Gong Bao Chicken, Lychee Prawns, Guizhou Hot and Sour Pork Stew, Sichuan Numbing and Spicy Beef, Hunan Pork Belly Stir-fry, Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken, and Dan Dan Noodles.


Customers select their meal choices from WowzaBox’s online menu and its team of five staff prepare the ingredients, which are then packed and distributed across the UK.

The business has already built up a loyal following with more than 80 percent of sales coming from return customers in November 2023. Its customers have awarded WowzaBox a 4.9 out of 5 Trustpilot score.

WowzaBox was founded during the pandemic after Joshy, who was running a successful Chinese restaurant in Newcastle, discovered customers were keen to enjoy restaurant standard food at home.

Having spent two years refining the offering and establishing the facilities and sourcing authentic ingredients, the business launched in the autumn of 2022.

On the back of its initial strong growth, the business will be launching a fundraising round, which will enable it to move to larger premises and increase both automation and headcount.

Joshy Jin said: “The response we’ve had from customers has been amazing and we’re exceptionally proud to have hit such as significant milestone so early in the life of WowzaBox.  I was confident that this would be a popular concept, and the level of sales is more than justifying our ambitions.

“Surveys show that Chinese is often the UK’s favourite takeaway; however, there is a lack of a branded premium offering in the fresh Chinese food category.  Combined with the recipe box approach, which has become an established dining option for the British public, we are certainly filling that niche and are confident we can continue to grow at this pace.

“Although we are still early in start-up phase, we have our eyes firmly on scaling our operations and being able to ramp up production through investment in people, technology and premises.

“Christmas and New Year were extremely business and popular times and with Chinese New Year fast approaching we are confident we’ll be smashing new milestones very quickly!”