Keith Fraser has written Cojones : Grow a pair for success

With so many responsibilities, it is not surprising that people can fall into the trap of living their life by the rules of others. When challenges arise, a common response is to be afraid and give up, but speaker, presenter and author Keith Fraser wants readers to face those challenges head on by being authentically and unapologetically themselves. Within his new book, Cojones – Grow A Pair For Success!, Keith supports readers to speak their minds, not care about what others think and take back control.

Keith’s specialist knowledge regarding the strategies and tips to be yourself and be successful are evident from his distinctive track record. Keith is a Master Practitioner of NLP, as well as an exponent of Transactional Analysis (TA), and he is experienced in sales, property and business.

Drawing upon his own personal experiences, his professional expertise and his Cojones Ten Commandments, Cojones brings fundamental mindset shifts to any reader that employs the practical strategies. Readers will be able to think differently, be proud and ask for what they want.

Keith is keen to stress that the self-help world is full of false, utopian promises and Cojones cuts through these. He clearly demonstrates that life is not a destination, nor are self-help books “a genie in a bottle”, instead it is a continuous journey. He also provides actionable steps to navigate conflict and challenges, including ‘softeners’ to help readers manage difficult conversations.


The crux of the book is Keith’s Cojones Ten Commandments that provide a stand-out guideline for genuine authenticity and success, including “Say It As It Is” and “Be A Shepherd Not A Sheep”. He highlights some Cojones Icons that possess some of these characteristics that Keith deems fundamental for success and living authentically, such as Sylvester Stallone, Alastair Campbell and Chris Eubank.

It is clear that this year has been unsettling and challenging for many, but it is not a time for giving in. Instead, Keith argues readers should fear no-one, speak their mind and be bold in going for what they want because no-one has the right to determine who they can or can’t be.

Cojones is the perfect read for anyone struggling to live life by their terms, express how they feel and live authentically. Readers will be able to embrace the fact that their life is indeed theirs and no-one can dictate how they live it.