Introducing Home at Ten, Limited Edition peach gin: SIS4ERS

Salford’s SIS4ERS Distillery has launched a limited edition ‘Home at 10’ gin to encourage people to stick to the national curfew.

The peach flavoured gin – best served with a citrus or lemon tonic – is designed to soften the blow of drinking at home following closing time in the pub.

Connecting with chaos of our times, the colourful bottle design is a combination of all the recent Covid alerts everyone has become accustomed to seeing, from the green and yellow chevrons to the hearts of the NHS.

Determined to put a little warmth back into people’s evenings, the gin makers chose peach as the flavour is believed to bring comfort and joy.

And for every bottle of gin sold SIS4ERS Distillery will be gifting £2 per bottle to charity SO LET’S TALK, a charity that supports the hospitality industry, not just in Manchester but across the whole of the UK.

Lucy McAvoy, Sales and Marketing Director for SIS4ERS Distillery, said: “We wanted to release a gin that encourages people to be safely home by 10pm while also reflecting the ever-changing world that we’re living in right now.

“The hospitality industry across the country is feeling the hit of lockdowns and curfews, which is why we wanted to create a product that supports charities helping people in the sector through this difficult time.”

She added: “We want to incentivise people to follow the rules, to ensure businesses can stay afloat and people can stay safe. While we are living with these restrictions, why not make your late-night drink a delicious one.”

Home at Ten is available from £29.00 for a 50cl bottle, 37.5% ABV.

Born and bred in the heart of Salford, ‘McAvoy sisters’ Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam, and Lucy McAvoy first launched SIS4ERS Distillery in 2018.

Today the gin makers produce a range of six delicious flavoured gins, available online at The sisters also offer tasting and gin tours at their MediaCityUK distillery, which have been heavily impacted by lockdowns, curfews and covid-19.

SIS4ERS are related to well-known brewery SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co. The 11 siblings believe they are the biggest single family in the alcohol business in the world.