Beccles Medical Centre has slashed HR admin time by two thirds and boosted employee engagement by 15% during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout by using StaffCircle’s cloud-based HR platform.

With over 100 office-based and offsite employees, Beccles Medical Centre utilised StaffCircle’s HR infrastructure to ease pressure on staff through the challenges of pandemic. The surgery needed to set up its vaccination programme efficiently as soon as the NHS guidelines permitted – a project which required additional resources and support from the Beccles team. With the pandemic being a stressful time for healthcare providers, Beccles needed a system that would streamline processes and support staff.

From tickbox appraisals to true engagement

With the implementation of StaffCircle, the Beccles team can now give and receive regular feedback on-the-go via their mobile devices, allowing employees to record and celebrate the daily successes of their colleagues. This in turn positively impacts their individual experience and morale: user engagement has increased by 15% in 180 days, averaging around 87% per month. As a result, the team is replacing annual paper-based tickbox appraisals with regular check-ins and feedback, all aligned to objectives encouraging continuous development and strategic growth.

Alongside this, previously there was no infrastructure or provision in place to be able to access information offsite, which meant that the Beccles team had to carry around paper documents or email the Practice Administrator, which could take days or weeks to turn around. The team now has instant access to operational and employee information even if they travel between sites without a laptop. This saves time and allows for quicker and more effective decisions without insecure hard copies of documents.

Reducing HR time off and shift management admin by two thirds

As NHS staff rarely work 9am-5pm, employees have different working patterns based on the hours they work. StaffCircle set up various patterns based on the hours employees work and each individual now ‘sits’ within these without the need to check various Excel spreadsheets. Based on the working pattern, The system instantly knows when employees book time off what days they should be working in order to take their leave. This system has, on average, introduced a saving of two days per month for payroll and up to two weeks in holiday approval response time for employees. The number of hours spent on admin per month reduced from 24 to eight, whilst holiday approval time reduced from taking up to 14 days to just two.

Jo Calderon, Operational Lead at Beccles Medical Centre said, “I love how easy it is to give feedback on the go. With the StaffCircle App all information is available regardless of location, and there’s no need to carry hard copies of documents. The StaffCircle team always listens to my suggestions and they are incredibly passionate about the future.”

Mark Seemann, Founder and CEO of StaffCircle, added: “Intuitive and faster processes holistically feed back into creating better employee experiences and reducing the pressure of extra admin on the whole team. The StaffCircle team is proud to have supported these frontline heroes and given them time to focus on the life changing work they do every day, especially in spite of the difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic .”