Sarah Almond Bushell, an award-winning Registered Dietitian, ex NHS Consultant child nutritionist of 24 years and founder of The Children’s Nutritionist, who’s on a mission to help other practitioners to grow their health focused businesses.

“We don’t get taught at Uni or in our CPD training about how to run a business”, says Sarah Almond Bushell, an award-winning Registered Dietitian, ex NHS Consultant child nutritionist of 24 years and founder of The Children’s Nutritionist, who’s on a mission to help other practitioners to grow their health focused businesses.

In a move that sees her business journey come full circle, after she turned her ‘side hustle clinic’, which she’d been running for 20 years alongside her career, into a full time business after quitting the NHS following her mum’s death 6 years ago, learning business basics from binge listening to podcasts initially, she’s excited to launch her own podcast to help other health professionals understand how to run a profitable practice.

Sharing the lesson’s she’s learnt having spent over 100K on business coaches, training and courses, undertaken Masters certifications and with 7 years of business experience now under her belt, Sarah’s looking to fill the knowledge gap that occurs when practitioners move from being an NHS employee or working for someone else’s business, to go it alone. Having also worked as a business coach to other healthcare professionals since 2021 she’s had 3 years of research of what she needed to be sharing in this podcast, as well as her own frustrations and challenges she’s overcome growing her own business, feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated.

“We’re the experts in our clinical specialities which is all you need to be when in employment but how to run your own business can leave health professionals feeling completely baffled, she said. “I know – I felt this too, and have seen the overwhelm hit so many of my clients!”


Launched on Monday 20th May 2024, Beyond The Clinic, is set to help health professionals take their skills, knowledge and expertise and transform it into innovative income streams that extend well beyond the traditional clinic model.

Sarah, 48, from Eastbourne, has created the podcast to help prevent burnout and digital fatigue – experiences both she and her clients have really suffered from.

She said:”When we move from employed status to self employed often what we do is just try to replicate how we worked before – so we are basically just employing ourselves to do a job – but obviously when self employed there are so many more elements involved in actually running the business too – so when we max out on 1 to 1 clients as our delivery method, it’s no wonder we hit burnout as there are simply not enough hours in the day. There are plenty of alternative and innovative ways to help clients improve their health or recover from medical conditions aside from one to one consultations, yet the majority of health professionals who run their own businesses are not capitalising on this”.

“My mission is to empower health professionals to take their expertise, knowledge and skills and turn them into a successful profitable online business, embracing the tech and tools we can easily access nowadays which means we can touch thousands of lives, far more than we can in a clinic, without having to work all the hours God sends.”

“I want my listeners to recapture those feelings of possibility and excitement that they likely last felt when they qualified and to have more energy for the work they’re passionate about, instead of feeling under pressure, overwhelmed and drained.”

Kicking off with the first episode entitled ‘How to Run a Successful Business Without Social Media’ shows the approach Sarah is taking, looking to offer practical advice of how to grow, so they can build more confidence to attract clients in a way that feels exciting & easy, without getting wrapped up in marketing black holes that many find stressful.

Then subsequent episodes such as ‘How to Turn Your Expertise into a Profitable Online Course’ gently guide people through the online space and what’s needed to build revenue there. Profitability and productivity is at the core and indeed Sarah has built herself a 6 figure business working part time, an experience she shares in ‘How to Hit Your 6-Figure Year Without Working All of the Time’

Sarah’s own journey to building a business in the healthcare profession started when she lost her mum to Leukaemia in 2018, and she was a Consultant Dietitian. Under a huge amount of stress she realised she needed to make a change.

“Losing my mum gave me a wake up call that ‘life is too short’ and so in the following months I decided to take my ‘clinic on the side’ a bit more seriously and turn it into something epic after being a dietitian in the NHS for 18 years at this point.”

Whilst taking 3 months off work following her mum’s death, staying in Spain to help her Dad out she found herself binge listening to podcasts of marketing gurus like Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn on how to grow a business, while walking their dog in the sunny Spanish countryside.

She also discovered a Facebook group of 1600 US dietitians who were already doing this (no-one in the UK was) and was hooked, inspired about all the different ways she could earn a living as a health professional without seeing clients.

Learning not only by her successes but her mistakes too Sarah is open to sharing it all. She says: “I absolutely made mistakes along the way, like creating a course that no-one actually wanted, writing books for celebrity chefs for a pittance and no acknowledgement. Business coaching my colleagues and friends for free….I even spent 18 months giving marketing coaching to 7 and 8 figure business owners in the US for experience!”

But then it all fell into place when in 2020 she had her first 6 figure year. She now mentors and trains others to create this success too with both 1:1 business strategy and also a 6 month group programme which has been endorsed by the British Dietetic Association for CPD. Her podcast is the latest addition to her work which she hopes will enable her to reach thousands more people globally.

She said: “I’m really proud of this podcast.  I often hear stories of my colleagues hating their jobs. Others who have started their own private practice businesses have done really well to grow it but realise they have simply created a ‘job for themselves’ with the additional burden of marketing, administrative tasks and bookkeeping. Many suffer burnout, have mental health issues such as work related stress and anxiety. They just want the freedom to be able to help people, in what they trained to do, and helping is a shared core value. That’s what this podcast will inspire and empower them to do.”

Sarah is trusted by brands such as Heinz, Hovis, Annabel Karmel, Holland & Barret, ASDA, and ALDI in her own business, and has established herself as an expert in her field delivering keynotes at The Baby Show, at The Royal College of Physicians and for The British Dietetic Association as well as through being a recognised media commentator in national and trade press. My blog on food, feeding and children’s nutrition has been running for 6 years, and attracts 130,000 views per month.