Morris & Son MD Andy Needham.

Morris & Son, one of the leading wholesale distributers of residual stock in the UK, stepped in to ensure a flavoured spring water producer in Wales could continue production – after it ran out of toilet paper.

Bosses at Trederwen Springs feared the factory may have to cease production, as it was running low on loo roll for the production team to use. With nothing available locally an urgent appeal was posted on LinkedIn to try and secure a lifeline. When a connection request came through, Morris & Son MD Andy Needham got in touch.

Having just taken delivery of a significant consignment, Morris & Son put aside a full pallet of toilet rolls for the company, which was collected the next day by Trederwen Springs’ finance director, who drove up from Powys to Barnsley – a round trip of some 340 miles.

Andy said: “When I saw Trederwens’ plight, saying they may have to cease production as they had been unable to find toilet roll for the production team to use, I knew we had to step in to help. We have a robust supply chain with regular deliveries so were only too happy to put aside a pallet for them.


“At times like this, businesses have to pull together and watch each other’s backs. Not only that, as a result we have discovered a potential new supplier, so we’re all winners.”

Trederwen’s sales director Jane Preston added: “I went to Andy partly because I follow him on LinkedIn as he posts comments that are positive and helpful. When I asked him to help us, we were into a position where if we didn’t have toilet roll, we could not continue to keep the factory open as we have to provide it for essential staff still running the line.

“I cannot emphasise how helpful Andy was. He replied straight away and helped us collect the product quickly and, crucially, safely. Given the current situation, we had to send our finance director to collect and Andy and his team ensured everything was ready.

“Andy knew we were desperate and didn’t take advantage, like we have unfortunately seen in the industry, and charged us an extremely competitive price – again, as a business in a position of uncertainty, we were very grateful.

“On behalf of our managing director, David Tinsley, and myself, we want to thank Andy and his team for taking time out to help another business. We all have to help each other in times like this, and this shows there are many good people in our industry, willing to go all out to help.”