Photo by Maksym Zakharyak

The new strategic arrangement gives organisations centralised visibility and in-depth control across every SaaS application.

Core to Cloud, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with AppOmni, a SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) leader and SaaS security pioneer, to equip businesses with the tools and expertise needed to effectively navigate the complex cloud security landscape.

The partnership comes at a time when public cloud computing is experiencing meteoric growth, the largest segment of which is SaaS spend. Gartner forecasts global spending on SaaS services to hit $244.0 billion in 2024, up from $205.2 billion in 2023. Most enterprises today are implementing complex SaaS workloads to power many business-critical functions like Finance, HR and Payroll, Application Development, Email and Collaboration, and IT Service Management.

The proliferation of SaaS has changed the security perimeter, and a comprehensive approach to securing SaaS data is essential. AppOmni’s SSPM platform continuously scans and secures the most widely adopted enterprise SaaS applications, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and others. The partnership positions Core to Cloud and AppOmni at the forefront of this burgeoning market.


Core to Cloud has built a strong reputation for delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that empower businesses to navigate the complexities inherent in digital transformation processes. Its commitment to innovation and excellence aligns with AppOmni’s expertise in providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to SaaS and cloud-based environments.

The partnership will leverage Core to Cloud’s extensive experience in cybersecurity and AppOmni’s groundbreaking technology to offer clients a comprehensive suite of cloud security services. These services will include proactive threat detection, continuous monitoring, and advanced risk mitigation strategies to safeguard sensitive data and infrastructure from potential threats.

James Cunningham, the CEO and co-founder of Core to Cloud, expressed his excitement about the partnership with AppOmni. He said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with AppOmni to provide our clients with a comprehensive and robust cloud security solution. In this digital age, securing our cloud-based environments is crucial. This partnership offers a proactive approach to managing risks, which is essential in today’s world.”

“SaaS has become the de facto operating system for business, and CISOs need trusted advisors to assist them in navigating this escalating adoption,” said Brandon Romisher, VP of International Sales at AppOmni. “With so many complex platforms to secure and lack of a security settings framework, the task for security and IT teams can be daunting. We’re honoured to work with Core to Cloud to provide more organisations with centralised visibility, configuration management, and threat detection across their SaaS estate. We welcome this managed cybersecurity service provider as one of the newest partners in our Infinity Partner Program.”