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The current pandemic continues to affect many across the globe. Many have had their job security threatened as a result and in many cases, people have become unemployed. However, one company that has made considerable progress in getting people hired through this difficult time is Guildford based digital agency, Delivered Social.

Unemployment Throughout the Pandemic

As governments around the world continue seeking to save lives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, drastic measures such as lockdown restrictions have had huge implications on economic activity. As of the first lockdown in May of 2020, it was recorded that economic activity was down 30%.

In addition to this, many businesses have had to close as a result of an inability to produce consistent income. However, government assistance such as the furlough scheme has helped keep those unable to work, economically stable throughout the worst of the pandemic. The furlough scheme has recently ended, and almost as much as 1 in four people now fear losing their jobs as a result.

It was estimated that during the weeks of April 6 to the 19th of 2020, that 22% of the UK’s working-age population were on furlough. This is equivalent to over 9 million people. During this time, luckily less than 1% of businesses reported having laid people off. This number is set to increase with the furlough scheme coming to an end.

Delivered Social is led by head honcho, Jonathan Bird, their team offer a range of social media services. Delivered Social are famous in Guildford for their social clinics. All of which are free and offer great value in the knowledge provided on social media marketing. Delivered Social also offers a wide variety of additional services including support with websites and SEO optimisation.

The current pandemic has caused a range of issues for many businesses worldwide and has made many uncertain about their futures. Despite these setbacks, however, Delivered Social has still managed to employ several new employees as part of their team in an effort to give people that foot in the door. After such unprecedented times – companies are struggling to invest in individuals, but this is something Delivered Social are keen to carry on doing.

One of their newcomers, Jack Burrows, joined the company in October 2021 as an SEO assistant. On joining the company, he stated:

“I have had a great experience within my first week here at Delivered Social. I have worked on a number of projects for different clients helping write blog posts that are SEO friendly. I have also helped in brainstorming content ideas for the following month. The team has been really welcoming. I joined this company the week of Halloween, and have very fond memories of getting to know the team and even carving pumpkins together!”

Other new additions to the team since lockdown have included Emma Wiltshire who joined back in July and has also joined the SEO department. The latest recruit to the Delivered Social Team is Hayley Walton, a Digital and social media marketing apprentice. Hayley joined on the 1st of November and is quickly proving to be a  valuable member of the team with her contributions to social media strategy.

Apprenticeships are going to be a key element of employment in the coming months as it offers a perfect way for companies to train loyal employees and be met with the skills they really need. It also allows young adults to enter their chosen field with the security of maintaining their skills and industry knowledge on completion of the course. This sets them up for better opportunities in the future where job security is uncertain.

A part of what makes Delivered Social so appealing as a place to work is the fact that the team is full of energy, young and diverse. Delivered Social takes great pride in delivering free advice and expert support. Sometimes it’s okay to admit that you do not know everything and this is why Delivered Social will take the opportunities given to learn with their clients and build trusting relationships that last. Delivered social pride themselves on being true outside the box thinkers even going as far as to say they are not sure where the box even is.

Providing free services for charity clients has also been awarded throughout the pandemic with Business Award under their belt. This has seen an increase in funding for local charities and the opportunity for employment during their Guildford Kitchen project. They have been working hard to keep as many people from the area at work as possible.

Offering all kinds of services, from web design to filming and video creation, Digital Social’s free clinics offer an opportunity to have a conversation with us about the direction of your business and see how we can help get you where you want to be. If you’re looking to save some valuable time answering those questions and compile your expertise into some engaging content get in contact or book into a social clinic.