E-learning company Training Sensei has launched a month long bootcamp for the brain designed to boost peoples ‘soft skills’.

The daily programme consists short bursts of learning, 10-minute sessions that are designed to be quick and accessible to help people squeeze development into their busy lives.

Soft skills includes things like creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence. Often overlooked as they are difficult to measure, they play a leading role in the prospects for individuals and teams, with 83% of new hires or promotions thought to be the result of better non-technical skills.

Training Sensei was founded in 2019 with the vision to support individuals and small businesses with affordable training. With many small businesses paying six times the amount of a corporate company for learning, Training Sensei wanted to level the playing field and developed an accessible e-learning model.


In the last 12 weeks, as many workers have found themselves furloughed or out of work, the tech company has noticed a spike in individuals looking for affordable learning to help their return to work.

In response the Manchester based e-learning business designed a 20-day challenge that can be completed on your own or in small teams. With a focus on behavioural skills, sessions include ‘building better habits’, ‘leading through failure’ and ‘mentoring others.’

Russell Groves, owner and founder of online training resource Training Sensei, believes the value of soft skills shouldn’t be overlooked by businesses as they are often the most transferable across different roles.

He said: “Many jobs today require much greater flexibility, so skills to carry out those roles have become more general and adaptable. In the modern workplace soft skills are essential, they are the foundation for effective leadership, they diversify teams and change the culture.”

The bootcamp is a light-hearted and social way to make learning routine. It costs just £20 and the first session kicks off on July 1st. The game-like structure of the bootcamp allows participants to compete for weekly prices and there is a £100 Amazon voucher for the overall winner at the end of the month.

Russell added: “For many people in Manchester their work life post-lockdown is going to be uncertain, therefore now is the time to develop skills that will put you in a better position for business change or your next role.

“E-learning is the perfect way to develop soft skills and show that you have used this challenging time for personal growth. The bootcamp provide short bursts of learning which are easy to slot into your day, along with a certificate on completion.”

Training Sensei is a virtual training manager, providing an expertly selected range of different courses across a broad range of sectors.