Floatation Therapy promotes mood and lowers stress and anxiety.

Newly opened South Yorkshire centre promotes wellness through unique therapy

Local owner shares benefits of Float therapy for mental, physical and emotional health

When most think of health, they may conjure images of white coat doctors ready to hand out prescription medicine for any ailment.

Alternative therapies can provide a window to better wellbeing and prevent problems in the first place and can also be an excellent alternative to constant medication.

And now area residents can take advantage of a therapy that has become a favorite of users across the globe – Floatation – with the opening of Float Space: Floatation Tank and Wellness Centre.

“We are the only floatation tank centre in South Yorkshire and one of only 60 across the U.K.,” said Pete Sullivan, Float Space owner.

The centre opened recently just outside Doncaster, less than a mile from the M18 and M180 Motorways.

“The location is perfect for residents across North, South & East Yorkshire to explore the benefits of this unique and powerful therapy,” Sullivan said.

While the centre is relatively new, Floatation and Isolation Pods have been proven to help with many different issues, from chronic pain to anxiety & trauma, he said.

The centre currently features two float tank rooms, sports and massage therapy, with a three-person sauna to open soon.

In the float tank rooms, visitors will experience what is commonly referred to as Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy or Floatation Therapy, a way to disconnect and experience pure relaxation.

“Floating is essentially a way to provide nothingness for your mind and body,” Sullivan said. “We accomplish this by reducing as much sensory input as possible. Everything including sound, sight and touch are removed while floating, and the water also eliminates much of the weight of gravity.”

In each room, a pod containing over 500 Liters of water and 300 Kilograms of Epsom salts kept at exact skin temperature enclose users whilst lights in the pods allow as much darkness as they desire and total silence.

“Floating is essentially a time out and a way to completely disconnect,” Sullivan said. “Through the experience, users enter the deepest states of relaxation. This causes many benefits, from advanced recovery and healing to anxiety, pain and stress relief.”

“The ability to self explore is so rare, the floating experience can be transformative and allow deep emotional and physical healing.”

And he said floating is quickly becoming a favorite activity for a variety of reasons.

“Athletes love floating at Float Space after a big game to cool down, or before to help them achieve laser-sharp focus, business people love the relaxation it brings before important meetings and it’s a favorite for those in high-pressure sales jobs,” Sullivan said. “Every day, we hear of how important Float Space has become to peoples lives, and we look forward to seeing even more people from the area as they experience a one-of-a-kind therapy, available right here in South Yorkshire for the first time.”



Peter Sullivan
Float Space is a state of the art wellness centre hosting floatation tanks, infrared sauna and massage and wellness therapies.