Empowering Beautiful Textures, One Curl at a Time with Pex & Yay

Pex & Yay, a celebrated French brand founded by Birmingham-born entrepreneur Stacey Smith, is excited to announce its expansion plans into the United States market. With a belief that less is more, Pex & Yay offers a select range of high-quality haircare solutions for wavy, curly, and coily hair. The brand is actively seeking distributors in the USA to join their mission of empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty and achieve stunning curls.

Originally focused on serving customers in France and the UK, Pex & Yay has exceeded expectations by gaining international acclaim for its exceptional products. With over 70% of sales now coming from international markets, including a significant portion destined for the United States, Pex & Yay is determined to establish a strong presence in the American market.

Stacey Smith, the Birmingham-born entrepreneur and owner of Pex & Yay, expressed her excitement about expanding into the USA. “As a French brand with a commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to bring our carefully crafted range of haircare products to the United States,” said Smith. “We believe in providing individuals with the right education, knowledge, and quality products to achieve beautiful curls. Our goal is to partner with distributors who share our passion for enhancing natural textures and promoting self-confidence.”

Pex & Yay’s thoughtfully curated range of products emphasizes quality over quantity, ensuring that customers do not need an excessive number of items cluttering their bathroom shelves. With the right education and knowledge, combined with the suitable products and a personalized routine, everyone can achieve stunning curls that reflect their unique beauty.


To support their expansion efforts, Pex & Yay is actively seeking distributors and resellers in the United States. By collaborating with like-minded professionals, the brand aims to build a strong network of partners who align with their mission and values.

Interested distributors and resellers are encouraged to reach out to Pex & Yay through our contact details found on our website. The dedicated team will provide further details on partnership opportunities, showcasing the benefits of working with a reputable French brand that prioritizes excellence and customer satisfaction.

Pex & Yay looks forward to establishing a robust presence in the USA, cementing its position as a leading brand for wavy, curly, and coily haircare.