Festival Themed Event at Vanilla Bean

In the world of event planning, Vanilla Bean is introducing a refreshing twist to gatherings. Traditionally, formal dinners were the pinnacle of hosting excellence, but in recent years, festivals have stolen the spotlight, becoming the preferred choice for creating memorable experiences.

Gareth Palmer, Creative Director at Vanilla Bean, sheds light on why festivals have become a central focus in event planning. “Formal dinners have always been the way to impress guests,  however over the last few years festivals are centre stage for a number of reasons,” says Palmer. “With lounge seating and open spaces, it’s a departure from the rigid formality of round tables. Plus, festivals can cater to both daytime family-friendly events and exciting evening affairs.”

Some examples of impressive Festival Essentials used by Vanilla Bean are:

1. Music: From DJs who keep the rhythm going all day to live performers taking the stage for 45-minute slots, guests are treated to a diverse musical experience. To add an interactive element, roaming bands engage directly with attendees, creating an immersive atmosphere.


2. International Street Food: Attendees are welcomed with a variety of street food options. From soft taco stalls inspired by the vibrant streets of Mexico to dim sum and noodle bars reminiscent of Asian street markets, the choices are as diverse as they are delicious.

3. Innovative Drinks: Inspired by the legendary Full Moon Parties in Thailand, they offer sharing cocktail buckets that keep the festivities flowing. For a quirky twist, cocktails are elegantly served in repurposed food tins adorned with charming flowers, creating a visual treat.

4. Creative Theming: Imagine big flags and sails fluttering overhead, island bars that serve guests from every angle, and an abundance of lounge seating for relaxation. Adding a touch of nature, palm trees transport guests to a tropical oasis. And for a dash of urban flair, Vanilla Bean invites graffiti artists to design stunning wall art during events, leaving attendees in awe of fine street art.

Vanilla Bean’s embrace of the festival culture has turned gatherings into immersive experiences, transforming the traditional event scene, and placing a premium on social interaction, global cuisines, and immersive experiences.

Jonathan Bird
Head Honcho of Delivered Social - Guildford & Portsmouth's most-rated digital marketing agency. We specialise in web design, social media and SEO and have worked with hundreds of businesses and charities to help them grow and expand their online presence.