Success of Simul8’s pro-bono work during the pandemic praised by a number of prestigious awards both in the UK and internationally

Glasgow-based technology company, Simul8, is celebrating being recognised with multiple international awards following its work in offering pro-bono support to over 150 organisations around the world during the pandemic.

Having given away more than £100,000’ worth of free software licenses and around six weeks of pro-bono consulting, Simul8 has been honoured for its ‘people over profit’ attitude by the US Best in Biz Awards as a Gold Winner, while its female leadership team of Laura Reid, CEO, and Frances Sneddon, CTO, were named a Silver Winner in the international Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Closer to home the firm also won a Better Society Award for Tech for Good and was shortlisted as finalist in the Business Tech Awards.

Offering process simulation software to organisations around the world, Simul8 was used by hospitals to ensure that any updates to ICU capacity would be sufficient to handle the added strain on resources, while cold supply chain expert Controlant was able to triple production of its specialist IoT trackers that were vital in the shipment of the vaccine. Simul8’s software was even used to support vaccination rollouts at several international hospitals including Saint Anthony in Chicago and St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pittsburgh, as well as planning overflow hospitals in major cities and managing testing processes in labs.


Laura Reid, CEO at Simul8 commented: “So many of our partners are healthcare organisations, so when the first wave of the pandemic hit, straightaway we knew that we wanted to offer our support to the people and organisations working so hard on the front line. I’m so proud to see just how many organisations have benefitted from the time and efforts volunteered by our team, not just in Scotland or the UK but all over the world. People over profit is an important value of ours, and for our contribution to be recognised on an international stage by these prestigious awards is a great endorsement for our wonderful team – I’m really proud of them.”