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The recycling company has selected ZoneSafe system of electronic RFID tags to enhance safe working practice on both its UK sites and reduce the risk of pedestrian and vehicle collision.

The decision to choose the ZoneSafe proximity warning systems comes as part of Recresco’s ongoing commitment to exacting safety standards. With the waste management and recycling industry reporting a higher incidence of workplace transport accidents than many other sectors, Recresco identified the need to adopt a layered approach to worker safety.

For recycling companies, moving plant poses a significant risk to staff. Serious and even fatal accidents are a real possibility particularly when moving plant on site making it essential for site operators to employ robust safety procedures at all times. Recresco identified movement of vehicles and poor visibility as key risk factors to pedestrians on sites and sought to invest in technology to help minimise this risk and improve worker safety. It was felt that the addition of ZoneSafe technology would add an extra layer to Recresco’s safe working environment.

Eric Gent, Director at Recresco said “We are excited to announce our collaboration with ZoneSafe. At Recresco, we have a strong commitment to worker safety with robust safety systems in place to ensure that wherever possible, pedestrians and plant are kept strictly separate.


“As one of the highest risks to worker safety involves pedestrian collision with moving vehicles, we felt the incorporation of a sensor or warning system was an essential investment. Due to the nature of our work within enclosed factory buildings, 360-degree visibility can be difficult to maintain. After reviewing various technologies including 360-degree cameras, it was decided the ZoneSafe system of electronic Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags offered the most reliable and effective solution. The proximity warning system warns a plant operator if a pedestrian approaches the vehicle.

“The ZoneSafe arm tag is worn by all individuals operating within the factory and only persons wearing an arm tag can enter via tag identification. All plant is fitted with a front and rear RFID detection module which alerts the plant operator when pedestrians are in close proximity. The system enhances our safe working environment by operating in tandem with clearly defined walkways and physical barriers separating pedestrians from moving plant.

“We are very impressed with this product and are confident the ZoneSafe system is an effective way to ensure pedestrian safety in our facilities.”

David Thomas, General Manager at ZoneSafe said “We are delighted Recresco has chosen the ZoneSafe RFID system for both of its sites. ZoneSafe is committed to delivering market leading safety solutions by reducing accidents and addressing the risk of accidental collisions between pedestrian workers and industrial vehicles.

“The ZoneSafe system uses RFID technology to create an invisible 360-degree detection zone around vehicles, assets, crossings and walkways. These areas are of particularly high risk representing ‘danger zones’ in this environment. Active electronic tags are worn by personnel and are fitted to assets and hazards. When the system detects personnel in close proximity to a vehicle a loud audible and visual alert warns the vehicle operator to stop operation immediately. ZoneSafe tags do not require a line of sight and are detected regardless of any obstructions, blind spots or poor visibility.

“ZoneSafe looks forward to working alongside Recresco to deliver the safest possible working environment for staff” concluded Thomas.