Photo shows: (L-R) Matthew Smith, Investment Manager, Mike Murphy, Investment Director and Kira Swannell, Investment Associate. 

The Housing Growth Partnership (HGP) is delighted to announce that it is expanding its Midlands team to address housing affordability, by providing support to the regional residential development community to increase the number of new homes built.

Backed by Lloyds Banking Group and Homes England, HGP’s mission is to increase the diversity and supply of homes, by partnering with housebuilders and residential developers to support the sustainable growth of their businesses and increasing the number of homes they can produce.

HGP do this by providing equity support to small and medium-sized housebuilders on a site-specific basis in return for a share of the scheme profit, with the idea that this frees up housebuilders’ equity to grow their business and ultimately build more homes.

The newly-enlarged team consists of Mike Murphy, Investment Director, Matthew Smith, Investment Manager and Kira Swannell, Investment Associate.

Commenting, Mike Murphy, HGP Investment Director for the Midlands, said: “I have been specialising within the residential development marketplace for the past 20-years providing senior debt facilities. In my previous role I worked closely with HGP on a number of schemes and witnessed how their involvement provided my customers with the equity they needed to achieve their growth ambitions in a risk adjusted way.

“HGP is a social impact investor and acts as a true partner throughout the life of the project, providing support and guidance, as required, to help developers grow.

“Through this offering, HGP can leverage non-financial support through a panel of Senior Advisors, a group of experienced industry experts with a background in senior management roles, with regional and national housebuilders, who can mentor HGP’s partners or be involved on a more issue specific basis.

“Therefore, when the opportunity came up to lead the team in the Midlands it was an opportunity too good to pass up and I am excited about growing HGP’s presence.”