HVAC Industry Cracks Down On Environmental Impact

For the past few years, but recently, now that Cop26 is well underway, we have all become more aware of the environmental impact we have and what we can do to better it. Javelin Controls are HVAC control systems specialists that are really trying to crack down on energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint to zero.

In an industry that relies heavily on the use of electricity and large amounts of energy to power its components, you can imagine how difficult yet important this is.

One way in which they are attempting to do all they can is by enhancing the technology they produce and supply. For example, smart buildings are becoming a thing of the present and the controls industry plays a huge part in nurturing that. By offering specialist building management systems (BMS) – we could be looking at far more energy-efficient and functional properties in the near future.

The idea behind a BMS is to have all of your systems in one place. From air conditioning and heating to security and fire alarm systems – if you can monitor and adjust them all automatically, they will be better equipped to work according to the needs of the environment and occupants themselves.

As a result, we start to see less unnecessary usage and less waste. This means lights and heating are being turned off when not in use – or turned down to save energy when the system detects a change. It does not rely on manual adjustments and so can be done quickly, at the best times. We are therefore benefiting financially as well as the fact that our buildings are being optimised for functionality and eco-friendliness!

Moreover, Javelin Controls are being thoughtful about the companies they work with and the products they endorse.

Working with people like OSS who are delivering sustainable energy savings means they can be sure the services they provide and the components they use are working towards a net-zero approach. This is vital in building a comprehensive approach to climate change.

If we do not support eco-friendly brands and companies working for change – the work we do ourselves won’t be quite as impactful. It’s all well and good working to ensure our own products and services are benefiting the environment, but if we don’t make the effort to pair this with others of the same stature – is it really worth it?

The idea behind eco-friendly products like the ones Javelin controls offer is to reduce the amount of time between noticing a change and implementing a strategy. When manual control is involved, decisions like this may need to go through multiple people before a solution can be reached. It then takes even more time to implement.

Whereas, the data and information being analysed by a BMS or other control system can be done in a matter of seconds. The system will then make any adjustments and you can be sure that they are the right ones for every situation. No ifs buts or who’s – just precise and efficient solutions in a matter of seconds.

This is important in any property – large or small. Even the slightest temperature change can have a significant impact on costs and energy consumption. But when you don’t have to think about it – this impact can be even more profound.

It is reasons like this that makes businesses like Javelin Controls want to do more to step up their game and implement high-tech solutions and crackdown on environmental impact. Their work can benefit all of us if we utilise the technology they are investing in – taking their advice for a more efficient and sustainable future.