While the pandemic kept us all at home, our access to the shops we’re used to was challenged. Many high street favourites had closed their doors, and grocery stores became the only possible locations for shopping excursions. So, a lot of us turned to online shopping to fill any gaps in our needs.

Many of us are well used to online shopping, and well accustomed to the ease and convenience online stores like Amazon offer, but not everyone was warmed up to it before the pandemic.

As COVID-19 kept families and friends separated, small online gifting business Send Them Balloons saw the demand for its services skyrocket.

The small business delivers inflated balloon gifts UK wide for any occasion, from birthdays to graduations to Christmas. As families couldn’t be together to celebrate and hand deliver gifts, they approached Send Them Balloons for help.

Founder and Managing Director of Send Them Balloons James McGoldrick says, “we’re happy to be a business that is able to provide some cheer and comfort in these distressing times. It hurts to not be able to see family on a special day, and if our gifts help make someone’s presence be felt, we’re pleased that we can play a part in bridging that gap.”

James’ business saw growth of 350% in the last year, and he was astounded by the increases in conversion rates in older consumers. He observed growth of 180% in those aged between 55 and 64, and a further 20% in those aged 64 and above.

Now that restrictions are easing and lockdowns are ending, James feels confident thanks to these increases in growth and conversions. While consumers may have access to high street stores and non-essential shops like they used to, he knows that the last year has placed his business on the radar of potential new customers.

James founded Send Them Balloons in 2014 with his wife, Claire. Together, the pair also founded Send Them Cupcakes in the same year, and they also manage Claire’s family business, Bradfords Bakers, which will be 100 years old in 2024.