It’s time to lift our spirits! Kingsland Drinks launches ‘Mix Up’ the latest premium cocktail in a can

Kingsland Drinks launch Mix Up new pre-mix cocktail range

Grab a tall glass, fill it with ice and be prepared to mix it up a little, as a new canned cocktail range lands in stores.

Introducing ‘Mix Up’ a premium collection of gin and vodka-based drinks from Manchester’s Kingsland Drinks, perfect to have in the fridge for when you fancy your favourite tipple or to drink on-the-go.

Mix Up is available in four fabulous flavours – two classic G ‘n’ T’s with tonic or diet tonic, a strawberry infused ‘pink’ gin and tonic, and a refreshing vodka, lemonade, and lime.

Prepare to enjoy the taste of quality spirits without paying the price tag of household-known brands, these drinks are both delicious and value for money.

Nathan McGivern, from independent drinks company, Kingsland Drinks, said: “The pandemic has changed how and when people can enjoy alcohol, so as a drinks business we had to re-frame and create products they want, moving quickly with trends.

“Convenience at home is a whole new world for drinkers. People are now shopping to ‘stock up’, looking for multi-buy offers and filling their fridges with cocktail mixes and wines-in-a-can – ultimately shopping for wine and spirits like they would beer. Equally people wanted something to look forward too. So we moved quickly in Spring to launch ‘Vin Crowd’ a range of canned wine spritzers. Following on from its success we will this month, introduce a pre-mixed gin and vodka drinks collection called ‘Mix Up’.