Founders Sam and Lucy at their new offices in Nansledan near Newquay

Linggard & Thomas Accountants have announced their exciting move to a new premises in Nansledan, marking a significant milestone in their rapid growth journey.

The business is the partnership of two ex-colleagues turned friends, Samantha Linggard and Lucy Thomas.

Since the company’s inception in February 2020 they have become a trusted partner for over 300 clients in and around Cornwall and further afield, offering a comprehensive range of accountancy and bookkeeping services tailored to small businesses’ unique needs.

A Vision to Empower Small Businesses


The accountancy firm was founded with the mission to see their clients thrive, providing services covering everything from annual accounts to acting as an in-house finance team.

They work with a range of clients across many sectors, however being based in Newquay means they have developed a large client bank of hospitality and service industry businesses, understanding the unique requirements these businesses need to grow in competitive industries.

Linggard & Thomas pride themselves in offering pro-active business advice meaning they are trusted by many small businesses to consult on business growth topics that go beyond the numbers.

Choosing Nansledan: A Strategic and Community-Focused Decision

Nansledan is an emerging hub for business growth and development, thanks to The Duchy of Cornwall’s commitment to create a mixed-use community with homes, shops, offices and public facilities all within walkable neighbourhoods.

Owner Samantha Linggard said of how Nansledan aligns with their firm’s values, “We love Nansledan and we’ve wanted to be there for a long time. It’s all finally come together at the right time and we’re looking forward to welcoming our clients into a bigger, brighter office that we have helped to design.”

“Nansledan is a great spot for our team, with two of them already living here. It’s also easy for our clients to get to when they meet with us. But more than this we really believe that Nansledan is going to be a great hub for businesses as the area continues to develop and we are excited to be part of that.”