Christian with one of his artworks

Christian Azolan, a London-based creator of fine art illustrations, has used the lockdown period imposed upon the UK due to the coronavirus crisis to craft and launch his own business, Christian Azolan Illustrations.

Having worked in London for a number of years for an array of large organisations, Christian has now made the call to work for himself, a move owing much to his growing reputation in the fine art world and a desire to have more creative freedom.

Christian was recently invited to list his work on Saatchi Art, the biggest art website in the world, and he believes creating a bespoke website to showcase and sell his work was ‘an obvious next step’.

Partly as a result of seeing local businesses struggle during the pandemic, Christian has made the decision to work predominantly with printers based in east London that he has a strong business relationship with.


“I could have used a printer based abroad for half the cost,” Christian admits. “I want to support small businesses in England, especially if they produce top quality work, and that’s worth paying a little more.”

Speaking about the decision to tackle a new challenge, and why now was the perfect time to embrace the idea of launching a business, Christian said: “When lockdown started I found, for the first time in years, that I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I’ve always been the type of person to keep busy, be productive and take a chance, and so I decided to launch my business, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

“My aim is to ensure that every piece I create is unique. I’m not interested in producing one design and then just printing thousands of copies of it; I want to bring joy to people’s walls, and that’s why I’m focusing my energies on limited edition fine art prints for home so that every customer gets something special.

“Now that I’ve made the decision to work for myself I know I’ll be able to create work that I am entirely proud of. The thought of having my art on walls around the world is something that brings a huge smile to my face.”

Christian has created two art series’, Matters of the Heart, a range focused on analysing how we as a species describe the human heart, and Light Fantastica, a deep dive into the power and beauty of illumination.

Christian’s pieces will soon be available on Wayfair in the US and Europe, with works to be added to his website in the coming weeks and months.