Makers coding bootcamp launches remote learning programme across UK

Makers coding bootcamp today announced the launch of Makers Remote, an immersive coding programme offered via remote training which enables students to become software engineers in 12 weeks. Makers will be rolling out its programme nationally, giving anyone a chance to learn new digital skills whilst on coronavirus lockdown.

Commenting on the national programme, Evengy Shadchnev, CEO of Makers said: “There may never be a more timely situation for spending hours at home learning how to code. Not only are we being forced to spend large amounts of time inside, but most importantly, tech is poised to remain resilient as a sector despite hiring volatility in other industries. Unlike other sectors, there is a long-standing supply-and-demand imbalance for talent in tech (in other words, there have always been more job openings for software developers than available workers).”

Makers is the only coding bootcamp with 5 years experience training software developers remotely. Online delivery supports students who cannot come into the classroom due to their personal circumstances such as career changing stay at home mothers, careers, or individuals who cannot afford to come to London and learn on premise.

As a way to ensure the well being and a sense of community for its students, Makers remote delivery programme will provide one on one coaching sessions, daily meditation and yoga sessions, and an emotional intelligence curriculum.


“We are experienced in remote training and we have many successful students who have trained remotely. This might be the first time we are training everyone off site across the UK, but it’s a great opportunity to reach out to a wider pool of talent that wants to learn remotely while quarantined during this unprecedented pandemic,” added Shadchnev. “All of our lives have been impacted by COVID-19, but learning to code is even more life changing and relevant to our digital world – and, unlike a virus, these skills will last a lifetime.”