New opportunity for musicians in isolation to collaborate using Trackd music app

New music making and discovery app Trackd is helping amateur and professional musicians globally continue to work together remotely from home following advice from governments globally to restrict travel to essential trips. Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Producers and DJs are able to use Trackd to record, create and publish music together without having to travel to be in a studio together. All from their iPhone.

Trackd’s fast growing base of 276,000 artists, in 161 countries is changing the way music is created globally…

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics is an early adopter of Trackd and a champion of young talent he said “Trackd is becoming a go to collaboration community and I can’t wait to hear what comes. I will be putting up a track and making it public. I’ll be looking for a great vocalist with great melody ideas! I will choose a collaborator on April 10th and we’ll make something special, the chosen collaborator will get £5,000 from me towards releasing the finished track independently so, stay indoors and get busy”


Trackd is also currently offering musicians free upgrades to premium to allow users the ability to make the most of making music from home while allowing listeners the ability to keep up to date with new releases and the ability to explore new music for free.

The music industry is being hit hard. The Coronavirus is blindsiding so many industries, and like everyone else artists are seeing difficult times. Cancellations of events, gigs, tours and limited travel are affecting everyone from Madonna to Louis Tomlinson to Taylor Swift. Rising stars are feeling the pressure more than ever with revenue generating corporate bookings cancelled, the next few months look bleak.

Trackd prides itself on its leverage of social media to create a space for artists to collaborate and promote worldwide using their phone. Stay creative and collaborative whilst working from home.