Man with Tongue Out by

A new range of wall art from Mineheart is designed to raise a smile in these testing times.

Called the ‘Tongue Collection’, it follows in the footsteps of our much loved series of art where historical figures are shown blowing bubblegum and balancing pencils on their top lip. It’s an approach we’ve labelled Modernaissance.

This time Designer Kirin Young has taken some original fine art paintings and given them a cheeky twist, with each painting’s subject rudely poking their tongue out at the viewer.

There are three designs, each a parody wall art of the work of 17th century Dutch artist Michiel Jansz van Miereveld. The original for ‘Man with Tongue Out’ is even on display in the National Portrait Gallery. The subject is Sir John Borlase (1576-1648), General of the Ordnance and Governor of Ireland.


Designer Kirin Young is a graphic designer and artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Kirin works on lots of projects with Mineheart and is one of our most loved partners. He gets his inspiration from his extensive travels and exploring different cultures, experiences and art. In his work, Kirin blends his photography skills with fine art, considering lighting, angles and shadows plus careful photo editing to create a believable and fun image.

When asked about what he loves best about his job, he says: “Working on jobs that are never the same, seeing and collecting new ideas and inspiring thoughts from working with a variety of personalities. The feeling when the job is done is the best feeling in the world, a sense of satisfaction and pride. Getting to be creative, it makes me happy to be able to make art.”