_Heather Bennani launches bespoke art collection

Heather Bennani, co-founder of Not a Box, has launched an exclusive, limited edition, bespoke, art collection, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

After many years of working with art throughout her career, Heather is delighted to be offering her own collection, which can be found on display at her lifestyle studio in Knutsford.

Heather’s inspiration comes from her extensive world travels, which is the inspiration behind the first piece in her collection.

Heather said, “I developed an interest in the beauty and complexities of people’s faces throughout my travels. Whilst traveling the world and visiting different places, I became fascinated with the oriental artisan style, and much of the design work I do is based on this theme. My bespoke art, which is a collection of striking and unique images, is formed using mixed media, including water colour and digital art.”


Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heather has found that holding a paintbrush or pen for an extensive amount of time can be uncomfortable and painful for her hands, but
using a digital medium, she can create stunning pieces of art using a gentle grasp and a very light touch, which requires no pressure at all.

“At our lifestyle studio based in the heart of Cheshire, we support home owners and interior designers in redesigning and enhancing spaces within their homes and commercial spaces, as well as offering the latest in contemporary interiors and bespoke finishes,” said Heather.

“We offer a fusion of interconnecting styles, culminating in specific collections of cabinetry, lighting, steel doors and windows. We encourage anyone embarking on home renovations to get in touch; we’d be happy to help!”