Tracy Hazlewood, Hello Merchant Solutions

An expert in E-commerce today warned traders and retailers in the Midlands not to be panicked into signing up for unnecessary contracts as they rush to move to online sales in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

Tracy Hazlewood, of Shropshire-based Hello Merchant Solutions, says many traders are buying online payment methods which are either too expensive or not best suited to their business as they switch to E-commerce whilst the High Street is locked down.

But she says choosing the right option for their business could make all the difference to their prospects in the run up to the crucial Christmas period.

Tracy, who has more than 20 years’ experience in commerce and launched Hello Merchant Solutions in February, said that latest figures showed that half of all transactions were now being carried out through websites.


“Not surprisingly in the current situation there has been a huge rush for retailers to ensure they have an online, E-commerce offering so that their customers can continue to order even though their store might be closed.

“But I know a lot of traders have signed up for payment solutions and packages which they don’t really need and are often paying for several different methods of processing online orders all at once.

“It’s really important that they take a step back and get some expert advice about what is best for them. It’s make or break time for a lot of smaller retailers during this current lockdown and the last thing they can afford is to be spending money on complicated systems they do not need.

“As a consultant I can come in, review what they have and sort it all out so that they are not paying a penny more than necessary. I’ll give them sensible, flexible solutions which will do what they need them to do and save them money into the bargain.

“We all want as many businesses as possible to survive this dreadful pandemic and with the key Christmas period looming it’s essential that retailers urgently get the help they need to save them money.”

Tracy said she had heard of cases where traders were sold three or four separate payment mechanisms for handling online sales when just one would have been perfectly adequate.

“Unfortunately, it is always the case that some unscrupulous businesses will use situations such as the pandemic to make a profit. Hello Merchant Solutions is passionate about small, independent retailers and we will do everything we can to help them survive.”