Scality announced today that the company has planted over 14,000 trees in France and Washington state through a collaboration with Reforest’Action, as part of continued efforts to address climate change. It’s estimated that over a 30-year period, these trees will store more than 2,130 tons of carbon dioxide while increasing biodiversity and generating oxygen. In addition to this project, Scality also is taking on new efforts to decrease the company’s carbon footprint by reducing harmful emissions.

According to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), having the right policies and technology in place to enable changes now could result in a 40-70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To help meet these goals, Scality joined over 300 European companies pledging to carry out a complete carbon assessment by the end of 2022. Initial results of Scality’s scope 3 emissions assessment found the company produces 37% less (as of today) emissions than similarly sized companies. As part of this process, Scality is working with its partners to further decrease emissions — including identifying where the use of energy-intensive services can be reduced, where practices can be made more sustainable, and educating and engaging employees in these efforts.

Through Reforest’Action, Scality also purchased 600 carbon credits, representing 50% of one year of emissions compensated. These carbon credits help finance certified-carbon projects — in this case, the protection of endangered Brazilian Amazon rainforests that would otherwise have been destroyed. Reforestation projects help increase biodiversity, maintain habitats for endangered species, and contribute to building more sustainable local economies, among other benefits.

Jérôme Lecat, CEO, Scality, said: “The impact of climate change on our environment is everyone’s problem. We have one Earth, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect it. Corporations have a bigger carbon footprint and a larger opportunity to make an impact. At Scality, we’re committed to doing our part to help combat climate change, and we’re actively working on next steps to decrease our emissions, including continuing our partnership with Reforest’Action.”


Katia Prassoloff, customer impact manager, Reforest’Action, said: “Since 2010, we’ve focused on raising awareness about forest protection and the need for biodiversity. Working with partners like Scality, we’ve been able to plant or regenerate almost 20 million trees in 40 countries — with many more planned. In an era of unprecedented climate change and biodiversity erosion, forests are our natural allies in preserving and restoring biodiversity and in taking action against climate change.”

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