As travel restrictions begin to ease, more people in the UK searched for ‘work in Bali’ in May than for other popular digital nomadic destinations.

Millions of employed and self-employed people have been working from home since the global pandemic began in 2020. The rise in hybrid working combined with months of travel bans has led many to seek out new destinations from which to work.

In research conducted by virtual storage specialists, Lovespace, searches for working in Bali appeared to soar in May. Following hot on its heels was Barbados which showed a similar spike in searches during the same month. The searches exceeded those for other well-known digital nomad destinations such as Bangkok and Portugal during the same time period.

‘With restrictions beginning to ease across the UK it is no surprise that people are itching to get back to travelling,’ explains Emily Snape from Lovespace. ‘Many of our customers use our virtual storage to keep their possessions safe and secure whilst working abroad, and Bali has always been a firm favourite with those seeking a more nomadic lifestyle,’ she explains.

Sadly, those looking to travel to Bali may have to wait a little while longer to make their dreams a reality; entry for non-Indonesian residents is currently prohibited except for a limited number of exceptions. It is expected that limited green areas will open up over the summer.

Things are looking a little brighter for those travelling to Barbados where all travellers from the UK must arrive with a negative PCR test taken by a certified or accredited laboratory within 3 days of arrival. However, there are different rules on arrival for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers.

If you are planning to become a post-pandemic digital nomad, now is the perfect time to get planning.

“If you are likely to be gone for some time, it is worth having a thorough sort out of all your stuff. If you are renting your property whilst you are away, you can store furniture, clothing and personal items securely with a storage company like Lovespace, who offer convenient ‘by the box’ storage as well as collection and delivery,” explains Emily

*Most searched for ‘work in’ location during May 2021 via Google Trends