As new research from the IT Services Group (ISG) projects that more than half of European IT outsourcing spending will soon be on cloud services, Daniela Streng, VP and GM EMEA at LogicMonitor, comments below on how enterprises must invest in technology to monitor and fix issues in their complicated cloud infrastructures, or else risk outage events borne from the cloud environment.

“With cloud services projected to become the largest part of the IT services market in Europe, enterprises must ensure the best return on their huge cloud investments. The ability to monitor these complex cloud environments will be critical, not least because it will help to manage and avoid the risk of mass outage events. After all, when issues do arise from the cloud, disruption can be widespread. For example, the recent Fastly outage that brought down large swathes of the internet is a stark reminder of the need for visibility. With all this money being spent on transformative cloud technology, for it to be the cause of hampered operations or ruined customer experience is vital to avoid.

“The trick to avoiding mass disruption events borne from cloud infrastructure is through proactively embracing comprehensive monitoring of the IT environment. Given the increasing complexity of the modern cloud environments, this is a job that cannot now fall upon humans alone: AIOps and machine learning (ML) software must be put to the task. AI-driven solutions can pore over the vast troves of data IT systems produce and quickly alert IT teams when there is an issue that needs looking at before it results in an outage event. This may not prevent every outage, as there is no single silver bullet, but it will greatly mitigate the issue and shorten outage times if and when they do occur.”