JINRO partners with WingWing London

The world’s biggest selling spirit, JINRO soju, has partnered with London-based QSR WingWing to serve up soju-themed limited edition items at their two city centre locations.

The duo is offering customers a ‘Six & Soju’ combo wing deal alongside a seasonal Plum Jinro Soju Slushie at one of London’s top destinations for Korean-style wings.

This is just one of many collaborations the Korean company are activating across the UK to raise awareness of their ‘Chamisul’ range of fruit flavoured soju, a Korean spirit with lower ABV of around 13% made from rice, barley and tapioca. Other partner brands have included national chain Honest Burgers and the popular pizza group Yard Sale Pizza.

A spokesperson from JINRO UK said, “we want people to know that JINRO goes well with food but is also about sharing good times with others, Wing Wing embodies this in their fun take on Korean fried chicken that tastes and looks authentic. WingWing are located in central areas with high footfall from tourists in Charing Cross Road and locals and students in Tavistock Square and our brand fit together visually.


WingWing are known for their crispy Korean-style chicken that is individually brushed in front of customers, with their proprietary soy garlic, hot and liquorice glazes. They source farm-raised chicken and use a recipe that is almost batter free cooking at high temperature to create their signature ‘crackle’.

JINRO are not only Korea’s number one soju brand but sell more than any other spirit in the world, making history this year by breaking the 100 million case mark. To continue their success, Jung-Ho Hwang, the managing director of HiteJinro, has confirmed JINRO will be continuing their plans for further UK investment.

“We are happy to see that overseas sales are growing more than domestic sales, which is our focus. Our figures show that in Britain, consumption of JINRO is increasing by 35% every year and with more collaborations like this we hope to build on this to encourage people to know more about soju so they can truly enjoy it” says Jung-Ho Hwang.

Pricing starts at £9 for the JINRO Plum Slushie and £12 for the ‘Six & Soju’ deal (6 wings and a 350ml bottle of soju). JINRO is also available for purchase individually for £9 per bottle (350ml).